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We pride ourselves on keeping a select group of talented filmmakers on our roster.  Each one of these filmmakers have produce quality film product and generate enough attention to maintain consistent work in their field of expertise. 

For additional footage, please contact us.

Steven Shulgach

Director of Photography

Steven is a talented cinematographer with over 8 years of experience on shorts, features films, pushing his creative and communicative abilities in character and diplomacy on every collaborative project.  See some of his work below.


Rachael quinn

Rachael Quinn is an up and coming director with an eye for detail and a creative mind.  To see some of her work, check out the video below.



Kevin Desmond

Kevin Desmond is an LA based Director with plenty of years of experience.  Originally from New York, Kevin's career has taken him all over the world. See some of his work below. 


Oksanna Shulgach

Set Design

Oksanna is a creative that loves to apply her OCD to set design and continuity.  She makes sure everything is in its place and looks how you want it to!  See some of her recent projects below.


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