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Actor Resources

Headshots.  All actors need them.  A good headshot focuses on the eyes and shows what YOU actually look like.  Here are som recommended photographers in the LA area:

Chris Evan

Molly Pan

Eric Carroll

WeHo Headshots


Auditions are one of the most important things you will do. 

Self-tapes are the way most auditions are going but you still need to be prepared to kill it in person-especially for callbacks.

Here are some classes we recommend to keep your tools sharpened:

Jamie Wollrab

Ivana Chubbuck

The Actor's Lab

Joseph Pearlman


Joe Salazar


When it comes to pitching an actor for role, the clients want to see YOU. They want to see what you can do and if you fit what they want in their character's shoes. It's hard to get a good idea of a performer without having seen them perform.

So while we do not require a reel to join out team, it is highly recommended and when you join our team, we start working on getting you auditions so you can get footage for your reels.


If you already have footage but don't know how to edit, or just don't have the time we have recommended services you can find below:


Fuse Reel

Film Reels

Waiting on footage?  Want something that showcases another side of your acting skills?


Creating your own content is a good way to show a variance in your type and skills. But how do you do get good material without your own production team?

Here are a couple of great teams to help you out with creating your own material to showcase what you want producers to see:

Film Set
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